When Bill Gates’ ‘How to Avoid a Climate Disaster -The Solutions we Have and the Breakthroughs we Need’ hit shelves on February 16, 2021, I was intrigued and I acquired and examined it with genuine curiosity. (1)


The speeches at the Sabri Ulker Foundation’s 4th Nutrition and Health Communication Conference were held between 17th-18th November this year. The Nutrition and Health Communication Conference is an event that reflects the mission of Sabri Ulker Foundation very accurately. The conference is a program that aims to share up-to-date scientific information on nutrition and health transmission with health and media professionals, and to inform students, curious young academicians and the public and it attracts a lot of attention.


The above titles do not belong to me. Last week, I shared a YouYube video from the 2020 World Economic Forum, in which Klaus Schwap and Thierry Malleret, the authors of the book “Covid19: The Great Reset”, also participated as speakers, then, I gave a long summary of what was spoken, adding my own views.

Business Life

It has been two months since my article entitled “The End of the Plaza Empire and the Inevitable Rise of Telework in Business Life”. During this time, the perception of risk concerning the coronavirus in the world has decreased due to the relative decrease in the number of cases, distraction, and acclimation. Employees began using offices, more in line with social distancing rules. This has left me and my generation in a dilemma.


The Covid19 disease caused by the corona virus spread from China to the world in a very short time. There are currently 14,600,000 cases reported, and 609,408 deaths. If we look at country rankings, the first three positions are the U.S.A. (3,844,815 cases 140,903 deaths), Brazil (2,118,646 cases and 80,120 deaths) and India (1,155,191 cases 28,084 deaths). Turkey is 14th with 220, 572 death cases in 5,508 (as of July 21, 2020). There are still efforts to find a vaccine, and drug discovery efforts continue as well. On the one hand, people who are sick are trying to get treatment. There is still much unknown about how the disease is transmitted, what increases the number of cases, and what increases the number of deaths. It still hasn’t been determined whether it is a respiratory disease or a circulatory disease…

Business Life

It is said that every cloud has a silver lining and now this mandatory order has become an indispensable part of the future. Human Resources managers agree to see some of the work done remotely (from home) as they move onto a new sparse (social distance) office set up.