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A (Alignment) of G0AL21: ‘Excel as one even when nature strikes’


When nature strikes, businesses have to band together to do what they can to get on track. That means pulling together with employees and communities to, in our case, get our very much loved Carr’s Water Crackers back on shelves. Our Carlisle factory in the north is famous for producing Carr’s Water Crackers. Proud to say many’s favorites… Unfortunately it had been out of operation for the past months following flood damage that badly affected the entire town in last December. When unfortunate events such as this one occur, it is important for communities to act as one and excel. In other words, refer to A (Alignment) of our corporate roadmap G0AL21. Which is exactly what we did. We worked tirelessly to restore the factory and help bring Carr’s back to consumers everywhere. Today we celebrate that production has resumed fully!  Here is the story of how we did it:


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