I believe work experience is the ideal learning opportunity for young people, especially students. I see internship as a complementary training to textbook education. Students could evaluate specific companies/careers prior to committing to full-time employment – a “try before you buy” type of experience. It’s critical to witness the real life applications of theories that are taught in the classrooms.

In this regard, we have student-centered initiatives like bizz@kampüs to empower digital native youth to develop skills in the business world. bizz@kampüs is a competition that rewards creative marketing projects developed by the university students.
Each year a different brand of Yıldız Holding sponsors the event and the first three teams of 10 finalists for the project, gain the opportunity to do an internship for a month. This way students can put into practice what they have learned in class, basically it is a simulation of the business world. bizz@kampüs becomes a bridge to the campus professionalism.

In the past 5 years, nearly 20.000 students from 129 universities have applied to Bizz@kampüs. A job can help teenagers better develop their identities, obtain increased autonomy, achieve new accomplishments, and may provide networking possibilities.

We need to cultivate adaptability and creativity in this dynamic world. Let’s nurture bright minds and foster fresh ideas. Congrats to this year’s winners who reminded us determination, passion and collaboration are essentials in business life.

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