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That is the name of the program we were recently participated with some of our top executive team to unlock our full potential. We were a dozen in the class behaving like in the school days, especially at the gym.
The aim of the program is to unlock the full potential of yourselves, so you can reach your utmost performance. Continous high performance is something we all are running after like olympic teams.
How to reach and keep that highest performance during the day and the whole life?
This has more than one dimension, like physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and you must be aware of your position and behave accordingly during the day. That requries awareness and commitment for each dimension.
For physical dimension you must start with movements during whole day like not sitting more than an hour on your table or continue your meeting in stand up position. Several times physical exercise like aerobic cardio and resistance is a must during the week.

Nutrition is one of the crucial elements of emotional dimension. You must avoid “big eating” but never starve as well. The idea is keeping your blood sugar at similar level during the day that you feel comfortable.  Maintaining a balanced diet such as 20%proteins, 40% percent carbo and 40%colorfull fruits and veggies will serve the target. The amount of each of three main meals must be five handfull with your own hands. Depending on your daily routine you must feed your body two or three times a day only with one handfull inbetween balanced food, nuts are a good example.
Sleep is another important factor. You must have a good quality and long enough sleep, which is different hours for every person.
Mentally you must be ready to accept critics and change, so you can evolve. 360 evaluation is a very useful tool to get to know how others see you, perception is reality. You must evaluate and define the gap between yours and others opinion about yourselves and do concious efforts to close the gap. Dont forget to write your own story first and you will see how it changes motivating you  positively with increased awareness and commitment. Do not listen to your inner voice for excuses, make your inner voice a positive encouragement for you. Finally rewrite your story again and again, so it motivates you for change and development. The idea is defining your ultimate goal and focus, while you spent rest of your life striving for it.
Spiritual dimension is something more personel. But whatever you believe in or not it is a bare necessity of existence. So be positive! Be gratefull for what you have. Do mediation or pray several times during the day. That will rejuvenate you.
My aim in life is simple, make happy be happy.
I believe in sacrifice from what you need on behalf of somebody you dont know without expecting a payback.


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