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With our new company pladis, we are becoming a global company, and need to develop our employee strategies accordingly. There are a few important elements to this approach. 
The first is to have a common goal, and G0AL21 is what I call our super goal or target. As I explained in previous posts, it carries a lot of importance for the organization by explaning how we do things and why we succeed and the results we want to achieve. 
The second element is to foster diversity in our employee pool and in our way of thinking. We want a diverse set of people collaboratively working together who can bring different perspectives to common issues. We want to celebrate the uniqueness of our employees and use that to make us collectively stronger. We are currently learning how to work together in this way. 
The third element is to develop our people and strengthen our talent base. To help achieve this, we have undergone a mandatory diversity training program. I also participated in this training, and we have started to roll it out to all our employees. 
The fourth element is to “think global“. We want global perspectives and global thinking. We want people from different parts of the world (we already have 73 different nationalities) and we want to create global career opportunities for our people. This includes both our employees in Turkey and in other countries around the world. 
This is an exciting time for our company, our brands, and most importantly….our people.
Pls find the link of the interview explaining our commitment by our head of HR.

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