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Dear Friends,
As i promised in my previous post, please see below “how we will succeed and why we will succeed”
We kicked off 2016 with a big wave of change. There are some major developments. We are changing the way we do things in all our companies; pladis, Gözde Girişim and other businesses. We are refreshing and restating our aspirations and goals. We are on a new path with a brand new motivation.

G0AL21 is what we are striving for. Our target is G0AL21.

G0AL21 will be our road map in our new path. It is a goal that defines the way we do things.  G0AL21 is an acrostic made up of individual targets:

0 defect
2 second
1 first

G0AL21 will bring new horizons into our world. These opportunities will be as diverse as the differences that make each of us unique. We will leverage the synergies and establish collaboration and harmony across the organisation by respecting diversity to enrich our way of doing things. In alignment with our colleagues in different geographies, we will become even stronger, grow bigger and learn and develop together.

Now, with G0AL21 we will take bolder steps for being leaders in selected categories and markets. We will turn our daily challenges into big opportunities. We are excited to achieve and take action.

You will find G0AL21 manifesto attached.

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