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Happy pladis Day


Building pladis into a global biscuit and confectionery company by setting the foundations of a great company culture

Yesterday we celebrated the international launch of pladis with our employees all around the world.

It is an exciting time for us, and marks the next stage of the journey we started in January, and one that’s taken us to 120 countries across six continents. During this time, we’ve stayed true to our brand and original family principles, while creating a truly global company.

To put the scale of pladis in perspective: we’re a family of 26,000 people, with 36 factories in 13 countries, reaching 4 billion consumers. We unite internationally recognized brands Godiva, a leading premium chocolate brand worldwide, McVitie’s, a leading biscuit brand with strong emotional heritage in the UK and Europe, and Ulker, the leading biscuits and confectionery brand in Turkey and the Middle East; a love mark in its category.

So, how did we arrive here?

Our brands have been making biscuits and chocolate for over 3 centuries, we inherited the strongest and best parts of each family , and we always strive for more. Our ultimate goal is the happiness of our consumers and employees. We aim for category leadership; being the fastest growing company in the industry by doing things differently. pladis has been founded on trust, integrity, agility and a determination to succeed – backed by knowing what makes a delicious product!

pladis equals opportunity, and it’s important to us that we promote these opportunities within our workforce effectively. The diversity and inclusiveness across our organisation are the building blocks of our company culture. At pladis we strive to foster an innovative, engaging and diverse work environment where our people can realize their full potential. We bring our people together around G0AL21 which is a clear corporate roadmap that guides our employees as they unite around this super goal.

That’s why our goal to bring happiness to the world goes beyond our commitment to provide great products. We are dedicated to everyone having an opportunity to be happy in their daily lives.

They say happiness comes from within. I strongly believe in this. Yesterday was indeed “happy” pladis Day but it was just the beginning. It is our aim to make everyday “happy” first for our pladis family, then for our consumers. So there is more to come, stay tuned!

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