Instant rewards; as a valuable tool for engagement


I am a firm believer in instant rewards. Rewarding employees on the spot for positive behaviour or achievement of some kind can be a great way of acknowledging the extra mile they go to create added value to the business. Great effort deserves greater and instant gratification. I would like to emphasize on “instant” because reacting fast to your own employees is as critical to a business as answering a query from a consumer quickly… One part of our instant reward scheme is gifting gold coins. Although some might think it to be a local, traditional mean, I extended this scheme to the global level and see that it works. In fact, I have recently gifted the ceo of the BİZİM TOPTAN cash n carry co. for outstanding performance with a traditional gold coin.

When an employee outperforms, brings an innovative and effective approach to the business or simply mediates successfully through a hard situation within his team or at field, it is imperative that he feels his effort is well recognized and appreciated. This is where instant rewards come in. I believe it to be a far genuine manifestation, one that is more than just a smile, or a thank you at the end of an accomplishment. In turn, employees who feel that they have been rewarded for a job well done may become even more engaged. Bare in mind that there are several ways of instant gratification. A couple of examples that I am fond of include; offering two tickets to a favorite event, reservation at a great restaurant or sending a thank you note to one’s family to for their support in one, or simply reward success with more trust and responsibility, which is a one of the best way to support one’s individual improvement.

As a good example of the instant rewards initiative; last week I gifted  Alfie Rodriguez Boutique Manager at
Fairview Mall #409 in Canada. He showed great leadership in guiding his team and also following exact procedures for brand experience in store and armed his team with capabilities and kept them motivated and engaged along the way, translating into great results in near future.

In short, remain close to your team, encourage people to expand their potential and go that extra mile. In turn, acknowledge and reward the effort when it reveals itself.

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