Make Happy Be Happy Day


The third Thursday of every November is a very special day for Yıldız Holding family, Make Happy Be Happy Day.

Our founder Sabri Ülker used to say, “every child has a right to live a happy childhood.” His word is our principle and we celebrated the day of make happy be happy for the first time in 2014, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Ülker’s founding. Since then, we have been celebrating this day globally with all of our employees and friends in order to “promise happiness to the whole world in every bite”

Esteemed artist Ekrem Yalçındağ is known for his rhythmical and symmetrical harmony that he creates on canvas through continuous motions in geometric patterns. Today, he performed his art by using GODIVA’s unique tastes on the occasion of Yıldız Holding’s traditional Make Happy, Be Happy Day. Heartfelt thanks to Mr. Yalçındağ for this delightful evening during which we shared the same table, a wonderful conversation, and a delicious GODIVA cake. #MakeHappyBeHappy