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Make Happy Be Happy Day


I’ve been lucky to have a full-time job in my life that I love, being a baker and chocolatier Yıldız Holding. I thought my first blog on the site could be about how to simply appreciate happiness.

I believe happiness comes in small doses, in tiny moments. It is small but significant as seeing someone you missed when you least expect it, listening to your favorite song or dunking a McVitie’s Digestive in your tea.

With this motto in mind, we have been working to spread small moments of happiness and delight our customers everywhere and all the time.

Last year, this motto turned into a day fully dedicated to happiness. We though the simplest form of happiness might come from making someone else happy and called the day “Make Happy, Be Happy”. On November 20th, which happened to be our first masterbrand Ülker’s 70th birthday, we started a wave of happiness that spread from our employees to our business partners and eventually customers. We all made the effort to make someone happy that day, not with big things but small gestures, in tiny moments. Just like it happens in life…

From that day forward, the third Thursday of November is to be celebrated as a day to be “happy” in all its forms. This year, I am delighted that our family is much larger and we celebrate it across the world as one.

Let this day be a reminder of the small moments of happiness in our lives, a chance to appreciate the blessings and an opportunity to make a difference for other people. The world needs to hear positive messages of joy and happiness now more than ever and it is important that we play our part in bringing happiness to each other’s lives.

Happiness is everywhere and better when shared.

Spread away!
Murat Ülker
Chief Happiness Officer
#makehappybehappy #happinesseverywhere
Twitter handle:@MU_ULKER_EN

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