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This past week we took a significant step on our journey towards becoming a global company. We combined our core biscuits, chocolate, cake and candy/gum businesses into a new company called “pladis.” This will bring together our Ulker, United Biscuits, Godiva, and Demet’s business units under one roof and allow us to provide many of our great brands (Godiva, McVities, Ulker) and products to consumers all around the world. Our new pladis family has operations in the Americas, Japan, India, Central Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, and the UK.  And hopefully, in the coming years we will expand further into the Southern Hemisphere, and in China.
Our growth ambition has challenging requirements.  We will need to get close to consumers to understand their needs and lifestyles.  We will need to strengthen our brands and make them relevant to consumers across many markets and cultures.  We will need to innovate to satisfy new needs, differentiate our products, and delight our consumers. We will need to be pioneering in our industry, not following our competitors, but setting our path. We will need to be open to new ideas, new thinking and more dreams.  I am looking forward to this challenge.
We will strive to deliver on our ‘central idea’ which is
“we promise happiness to the world in every bite.”
While doing  this, our motto of
“make happy, be happy”
will truly come to life.
I believe we have a promising and exciting future.
I believe that we will make our dreams come true.
1-“How we will succeed? Why we will succeed?” will follow.
2- I will be writing about Yildiz Holding new vision-mission soon.

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