Sabri Ülker Environment Award


My father’s advice was “protecting your soil, water and environment is protecting your homeland“. We continue to follow his advice and do our best to put it into practice. Named after my late father, the Sabri Ülker Environment Award has been presented with this perspective in mind for the past three years.
This year’s winner was the Energy Saving Project developed by Hydromx. Hydromx is a nanofluid. Using Hydromx, the desired temperature is reached quicker thanks to the nanoparticles in the fluid. Essentially, the formula in Hydromx improves thermal performance and energy efficiency. It does this by using nanothermal technologies. The nanoparticles in the fluid have different characteristics and molecular connections, which enable Hydromx to transfer heat more efficient. Consequently, heat is transferred in a homogenous and quick manner and, as a result, the desired temperature is reached more quickly with less energy consumption. Ultimately, this provides up to 35% less energy consumption and less carbon emissions. Furthermore, with its current properties, the product pays off in about two years. Hydromx is currently registered in 30 countries. This award means a lot to me. That’s why I wanted to share this great news with you. Now that we are aspired for “0 Defects” in G0AL21, “let’s respect our planet.”

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