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Entrepreneurship in our days doesn’t necessarily mean starting your own business. In fact, the meaning of entrepreneurship needs to be updated…the same goes for marketing as well.

Conventional marketing needs to rebuild itself in a way that allows more room to discover the yet unknown needs of the consumers. Marketeers need to be able to anticipate the trends and needs of the market and act on them with an entrepreneurial mindset. The future of the business world will be shaped by entrepreneurs and agile business people that can leverage this kind of mindset.

Needless to say entrepreneurship goes hand in hand with taking risks. You might think there is nothing wrong with playing it safe and ordinary but doing extraordinary work is what puts you on the map. My point being; you can do ordinary and be fine for a while but only until some disruptive rival comes and overthrows you. This is why you should always be at the top of your game, anticipate and tackle challenges far better than the competition. Of course when I say risks, I don’t mean ridicolous ones. What I am referring to is calculated risks, the ones that wouldn’t jeopardize an entire operation if go south but help you learn and grow.

The take away here is; being brave enough to think differently, trying on different ways of doing business is the way to go.

Honestly, I cannot think of a better way to do that than R&D. As a second generation executive, I enjoyed working in different parts of the business throughout the years however my personal favorite is and has always been R&D. I wouldn’t change my experience in this area for the world. If you have a dream, R&D is the place and way to go.

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