Ulker Global Sustainability Leadership: A Triumph of Dedication, Innovation, and Ethical Business Practices


There’s a saying: ‘When you decide to take on something, do it with the finesse of Ülker” Well, my friends have truly embodied that, showcasing it to the world. Kudos to our team, and heartfelt gratitude to my colleagues. The significance of our success and happiness cannot be overstated!

As a global Turkish company spreading joy across four continents, we consistently channel our efforts into innovation under the guidance of Yıldız Holding. In this era of global uncertainty, maintaining stable performance in a highly competitive environment is no easy task… Bravo to Ülker, the leading food company in our country! Congratulating our well-established company for achieving such a remarkable success through its embraced focus strategy, innovative approach, and dedication to sustainability is truly well-deserved.

Here’s to many more successes, fueled by the dedicated efforts of our competent leaders, harmonious teams, and talented stars…

pladis’s post:

We’re pleased to announce that our subsidiary company, Ülker Bisküvi, has clinched the top position globally in sustainability among 450 companies in our category. This prestigious recognition, announced recently, comes from the London Stock Exchange Group’s ESG Score, which objectively evaluates environmental, social and governance performance of all publicly listed companies. In addition, we are proud to announce that, in the same review, Ülker Bisküvi has secured the top position among the 108 companies listed on Borsa İstanbul – the Turkish stock exchange.

As part of the pladis family, Ülker is making excellent progress in sustainability and this achievement is testament to our collective commitment to making a positive impact on the world around us. The transparent assessment by the London Stock Exchange Group covered crucial themes such as emissions, environmental product innovation and human rights.

Ülker’s CEO, Mete Buyurgan, said, “Embedding ESG standards into the way we do business is about more than just reducing our environmental footprint; it’s about redefining our impact on the world.

“This achievement is a key milestone in our ongoing commitment to our stakeholders and recognises the profound changes we are making in our business, often exceeding industry standards. From reducing emissions and effective waste management to preserving human rights and cultivating ethical labour practices, we aim to create a long-lasting, positive legacy.

“This accomplishment reflects the collective dedication and passion of the entire team. Every sustainable practice, every innovative initiative and every positive change is a testament to our unwavering commitment.”

Huge congratulations to the whole pladis team for this achievement!