Performance Management

What is my grade this year?


What would you not like to know about yourself? I explain below the logic of a 360degree performance evaluation. In my article titled, ‘The higher the targets, the higher the performance’ which I wrote on November 12, 2020 (*) and explained generally performance management methods including OKRs and said:

‘In order to ensure employee satisfaction, it is very important to measure their performance fairly. We implement the 360degree Performance Evaluation System in this regard and indeed, we have obtained satisfactory results. This system, which allows subordinate colleagues to be evaluated by team members as well as the employee’s superior, gives good results. So much so that those who do work with you, those you do work with, your teammates or those who are below you, give orders or receive orders, are producing a 360degree evaluation of you. We have been applying this for quite some time and doing this is like holding up a mirror to ourselves. In all evaluations, everyone actually does a conscience accounting, an awareness is created. I think it is very useful in this respect.

I should point out that there are some difficulties for me in making this assessment. If you ask why, I can’t complete 360 on myself. A chief assessment is not available for me. However, we can also look at that my biggest supervisor is of course, my consumers, my customers. When we look at their evaluations, my grade does not look bad at all. In most surveys, Ülker, McVitie’s, Godiva are the most preferred brands. When we analyze, we see that our market share has increased. So, we get good marks from our stakeholders and as such, my 360 is completed in this way. #makehappybehappy ‘

By the way, let me share with you the “Become a Star Competency Model” that we have developed exclusively for ourselves for 360degree valuation. In this model, there are six basic dimensions and sub-dimensions to be measured. That measure the main dimensions: customer focus, collaboration ability, transformation flexibility, development orientation, result orientation, values and mission orientation. In the evaluation, the ‘I have no idea’ option is used together with 7-point Likert scale. The expansions and sloganization of the main dimensions are as follows:

BE A STAR OF THE CUSTOMER: Know your customer well, be sensitive to their demands and expectations, and try to anticipate their needs before they occur. Consider customer benefits first in every action, decision and step. Take the initiative for customer happiness, work passionately to be preferred, be sensitive. Promote this understanding in house. (6.5) (6.5) (0.0)

BE THE STAR IN COOPERATION: Include all stakeholders, produce results with cooperation. Benefit from the wealth that differences will add. Think and act intercultural and interdisciplinary. Think of new ideas that will get you ahead of the competition. Plan tomorrow today, benefit from the synergy of cooperation. (6.4) (6.3) (-0.1)

BE A STAR IN TRANSFORMATION: Be aware of digital transformation, integrate technology into your business, be flexible, be innovative and entrepreneurial, try to constantly improve your business and transform it by anticipating the needs of the future. Make a difference in competition, try to stay ahead of time, update your habits. (6.6) (6.5) (-01)

BE A STAR IN DEVELOPMENT: Improve yourself, your business, your team and all your stakeholders. Be open to development and improvement with feedback. Learn constantly, be resistant to uncertain and complex situations. (6.4) (6.5) (+0.1)

BE A STAR IN RESULTS: Always be result-oriented, preserve your energy and motivation, and focus on the result with effective planning, prioritization and efficient work, paying attention to the contribution to the company and commercial benefit. Make sure your results are sustainable and create value for all stakeholders. Generate 110% performance. Follow the progress on the way to the result and take the necessary actions on time. (6.6) (6.6) (0.0)

BE A STAR IN HEARTS: Implement our Yıldız Holding values, adopt the principle of #makehappybehappy and live it. Let your actions and thoughts be harmonious, and give confidence to those around you. Use communication channels effectively. Be ethical, let our ethical principles and honesty be the compass. (6.7) (6.7) (0.0)

But of course, the important thing is not to just write these principles, but to apply them in the field. We have overcome many of our problems today by using performance management systems such as 360degree feedback, human resources planning, and management according to KPI results, which we have been persistently pursuing for many years. I and my friends have done our part in this regard. We have written the KPI Goals to increase employee satisfaction and eliminate the problems pointed out by 360degree feedback and we have always improved. Now, these goals are further elaborated with OKRs.

As I mentioned in my previous article, I was in a difficult situation with the 180 degree evaluation, because I did not have a superior in the company. But every year at the business results and new year’s goals meeting, I was sharing my own performance evaluation and the grade I gave myself with all the global top executives (approximately 200 people), while also explaining the 180degree evaluation results about myself. Let’s break new ground this year while reviewing everything and take a look at my summary report notes together.

Now, go back and take a look at the numbers in brackets at the end of the main dimension descriptions I wrote above. The first numbers are my 2019 results, the second numbers are my 2020 results. The differences are between the last parantheses. In general, I moved my average from 6.51 to 6.53. Experts say that over 6.5 is a very good number if you are evaluated out of 7 in 32 questions on a 7scale. However, after reaching this point, more work is required to ensure development. Of course, those who with a little research and statistics knowledge knows that my average only makes sense together with the company average, the average of my level and standard deviations. The figures obtained are also a result of subjective perceptions in the model that we have concretized with questions. Taking 7 from a dimension means being perfect for us, but can we measure absolute perfection, of course this is controversial. But even the worst metric I know is better than the unmeasurable, and it is as if everyone in the business world already knows that what is not measured can no longer be improved.

In addition to quantitative measurement, verbal and qualitative evaluations are also requested in the model. Listed below are the qualitative assessments made about me.

My Strengths:

§ Intellectual, open to change, reliable, stands behind his word, does not let you down. Decisive, constantly improving, modest, at peace with new technologies, very good business knowledge, familiar with working in different cultures

§ Always seeking information to be up-to-date and shape the future; he is a leader who inspires not only me but many people with his innovative, open mindedness, passion for his job, detail, way of sharing his knowledge and elegance.

§ Consultation, leadership, sincerity, feedback …

§ I envy Murat Bey’s approach, simplicity, and the difference between the main job and the details. In this way, you can get good tips about who should focus on what. A role model that sees difference as wealth. I also perceive his LinkedIn posts as a new type of activist leadership. (I wanted to share my perception, not knowing whether it was done for this purpose or not.) With his sincere and thought-provoking articles, he communicates simultaneously with the Yıldız Holding community and the entire world. I think these shares pass on to the business world and society as a vision and intention that includes integrity.

§ Vision giving, strategic perspective

§ I think his new role suits him better. Always an out of the box thinker and great visionary.

§ Leader, decisive, competent, intellectual, overcoming difficulties, fearless, courageous, adopting technological, original and new ideas with passion, not afraid to work, able to handle issues at a very high level with deep experience and high intelligence, problem solver, Fatherly, is the strongest leader you can know in life, who creates admiration and trust in people, exhibits business and human focus together, you can talk business as if you were chatting, often confusing the conversation, and knowing how to live beautifully and enjoyably.

My Areas of Development;

§ He should undertake innovation leadership; He should give more opportunities and support to the education / development of people in this regard; he should lead the seminal vision projects such as the “Innoday” event, he should expand the R&D network, support internal synergy projects, and further support cultural awareness that pladis and Godiva are an initiative of Yıldız Holding. He should support awareness more, give a vision for Yıldız Holding to achieve a sustainable governance model, and share this vision with a wider audience.

§ Clearer expressions can be used in communication, and he can listen more.

§ He can give more systematic communication in the new period.

§ He should receive feedback, and he should give a premium to more entrepreneurship

§ He can support innovative technologies more and prioritize their development. He should be able to equip himself with good consultants and professionals, listen more and try to understand

§ Can make extremely quick decisions; thinking that the complexity in his mind is the same in life, he may sometimes react with excessive skepticism. He expresses himself less than in his writing, which can be difficult to understand.

§ If he is angry, he is very firmly so.

I have good colleagues who can see my strengths and benefit from qualitative results. And without spoiling me at all, the same friends also mentioned the aspects that I need to improve while moving from 6.5 to 7, that is, perfection. I am very pleased, thank you very much. Be sure, I will do my best to reach the full score this year by leaning into all my development areas. You know, #makehappybehappy.

Note: A letter from excolleque,

Dear Murat Bey. While not invited to give you my feedback, I thought the best feedback and most honest you get from ex-employees. I am an Ex. So I will give you my thoughts:

1. Never abandon your fatherhood of this organization.

2. Never let your curiosity wane. You have the most contagious/great curiosity. It challenges the organization.

3. Keep your what if then what’s next attitude. Always striving for a better next.

4. Allow mistakes. Encourage them as they are the best learnings. More importantly, you will encourage the organization to be more courageous.

5. Allow the experts to do their job and empower them.

6. Communicate your intentions better. You tend to be vague. Deciphering your messages and tendencies is a very difficult task for your organization.

7. Give your executive the room they need to feel their true positions. Minimize your interference.

8. You are the boldest I have worked with. This is a great sign to encourage the organization.

9. Reveal your inner person. I have seen bouts of that during our travels. Your inner self is incredibly endearing and refreshing.

10. Manage with a visible empathy. Especially during these times.

Your legacy will be great Murat Bey. It can be even greater.

Xxx Xxxx

(*)Ülker M, ‘The Higher the targets, the higher the performance!’ 12 Nov. 2020, LinkedIn Articles,