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We have an internal panel discussion called Yildiz Talks where we host valuable speakers from different disciplines at our HQ regularly.

At today’s Yildiz Talk, we had a very special guest who was introduced to our family first through my father 36 years ago, who added significant value to us in many ways: Dear Prof. Dr. Haluk Yavuzer. On today’ session, he told about our co-founder and my father Sabri Ulker to our young employees who hadn’t had the chance to cross paths with him.

The reason my father went to Yavuzer in the 80s was because he was looking to build a decent system at recruiting the right workers for the right jobs at factories. It was a progressive step in terms of forming the basis of Human Resources of those days. 

Yavuzer, who I had the chance to work with years later in our corporate ‘Parents School’ Project- which intended to provide informative trainings for parents, has always been an influence in the way I raised my own children as well.

When he was talking about my father, he used the word “prudent” which caught my attention. He described him as ‘a forward-thinking man who never rushed into things, always predicted possible outcomes and made informed decisions accordingly’. I think this is a fine description of the way my father conducted the business. Also a fine description of the business culture we still have at our company: entrepreneurial spirit matched with a prudent way of acting which is the basis of what we call a ‘calculated risk’. You know the kind of risk that enables you to try new ways of doing things without jeopardizing the entire operation if went wrong.

I believe it is important for senior leaders of the business to get together with new generations of employees and tell them about the founding values and the heritage of the company in order to align around the same culture and today’s session was a very useful one in doing so.

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